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Monitor Calibration

Calibrating your monitor

The screen representation of your image is critical to the colour balance of your final print. Unless you get your monitor calibration correct, you will never achieve the full potential of our service.

Help with calibration

The cheapest and most accessible calibration method is usually software based. Adobe Gamma or Apple Monitor control panels are often used to set up a basic colour calibrated monitor. Although using software-only solutions for monitor calibration is better than not calibrating at all, using a monitor calibration device will always yield more consistent results. Always remember to switch your monitor on for at least an hour before attempting any calibration or profiling. This allows any temperature variations to be removed before you begin.

Common problems

Often monitors are not set up correctly for viewing photographic images. If the screen is too bright the prints will turn out too dark. As a starting point select 6500k ‘White Point’, 50% ‘Brightness’ but maximum ‘Contrast’. Your image initially may look too warm and dark as a result of you being used to looking at a cooler, brighter screen previously; but the resulting print should be the proper density.


Don't forget to calibrate your monitor under the same lighting conditions as those in which you intend to work. We also advise that you consider the lighting within your working environment while calibrating your monitor. If the lighting changes throughout the day, you will need to keep this in mind while working on colour critical jobs. Use a monitor hood if necessary.

Monitor calibration devices

At ProAm Imaging, we offer a range of competitively priced, monitor calibration devices to help ensure that your screen is always calibrated correctly.

Monitor profile

Finally, it is important to remember that your monitor profile will need to be updated regularly. If you have a device for calibrating your monitor, you should inspect the profile at least every month and re-profile every two months.

Monitors calibrated and profiled by eye should be checked and adjusted every month, but care should be taken to inspect the output results. If they become inconsistent you may have a problem with your calibration method and need to upgrade to a monitor calibration device.