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35mm Slides & Negatives transferred to CD

Old photos never die, they simply fade away.

Back in the 1950’s – 60’s the majority of colour images were taken on reversal films, such as Kodachrome and Agfacolor CT18, producing transparencies which could be looked at through a slide viewer or projected onto a screen. Later the market switched to colour negative film when the cost of printing colour photographs became more affordable.

Many of these slides and negatives are still stored in people’s homes, but are rarely viewed. They represent an invaluable archive of family history and should be preserved, both for enjoyment now and also to pass on to future generations.

Depending where they are kept negatives and slides are subject to damage from fungus, also the colour dyes which form the image deteriorate over time.

Save your memories now by having them transferred onto CD’s. Not only will you be able to view them via your computer but the majority of DVD players allow you to see your pictures in a new light on your TV. Because they are lit from behind you will be able to enjoy them all over again with a radiance and vitality you have never seen before. This, plus the ease of watching whenever you like without the inconvenience of setting up a projector and screen, means you will probably look at them yourself and share them with friends and family more than you ever have for decades.

First 40 Slides/Negatives £9-99

Each additional Slide/Negative 20p

This service is available from 35mm originals only. Slides should be mounted and negatives must be in strips. Each CD holds approximately 180 images.

Please contact us to arrange delivery and collection or drop into our store in Halifax.