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Preparing Your Files - Canvas Wraps

Our Gallery Canvas Wraps Come in Four Edge Types
    -   full wrap
    -   m
   -    blurred
   -    plain (black or white)

  1. Please check your monitor calibration is up to date (click here for instructions)
  2. Please supply files as near to 300dpi as possible.
  3. You can supply your file sized as per your requirements i.e. 20” x 30” or you can send your file including a 3” bleed around each edge making it 26” x 36” overall size adding either a blurred, mirrored, wrapped or plain edging style. If you are unsure which edging style will suit your image best, then just supply the image sized for the Canvas face and we will contact you to discus the options available.
  4. You can send as a jpg, tiff or PSD file.
  5. In order to achieve an exact colour replica of the image on your screen, it’s necessary to use the same colour profile as our equipment. Simply download our unique profile by clicking Here
  6. Click here for instruction on how to download and install our unique profile to your PC or your Mac.
  7. When preparing your file/s for uploading please follow the instructions below.


Accepted File Formats

We accept the following file extensions, .psd, .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg and .zip


File Naming Convention

Please prepare your files as example below, using your name, file name and size required.

eg: jack_smith_imagename_canvas_edgestyle_20x16.jpg


You are ready now to complete your order…

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